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We are committed to providing gaming community with high quality custom gaming computers that bring a whole new world to life on your monitors. If you are looking for the best World of Warcraft gaming PC or machine for Diablo III and Starcraft II you will find it here. We know that selecting a new gaming system can be very challenging and so we make that experience as easy as possible. Most Blizzard games have low minimum system requirements, but you will be amazed with what you will see using one of our custom built gaming machines. With 5 different custom computers optimized for WOW, Diablo III and StacCraft II you can find something for any budget and you can be sure that you will receive the best gaming experience possible in any other game as well!

Warcraft Banner
World of Warcraft gaming computer



Druid PC

AMD A8-7600 X4 3.8GHz
8GB DDR3 1866MHz RAM
AMD Radeon R7 Kaveri
AMD A68 MBoard USB3.0
24x DVD+-RW recorder
Cougar MG100 Case
Windows 7 or 8.1 64bit

Full Office, Free Antivirus

Choose options for Druid

Best for 1600x900 & up Good-High settings
 40+FPS* in most areas.


Intel Core i3 4130 3.4GHz
8GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM
Nvidia GTX 750 1GB DDR5
Intel H81 Motherboard
24x DVD+-RW recorder
Raidmax Vortex Black

Windows 7 or 8.1 64bit

Full Office, Free Antivirus

Customize Warlock

Best for 1920x1080
High-Ultra settings
 50+FPS* in most areas.


 AMD Quad 860K 4.0GHz*
8GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM
AMD Radeon R7 260X 2GB

24x DVD+-RW recorder
AZZA Sirius case
Windows 7 or 8.1 64bit
Full Office, Free Antivirus

Customize Paladin

Best for 1920x1080
High-Ultra settings
 50+FPS* in most areas.


AMD X6 FX-6300 4.1GHz*
8GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM
AMD Radeon R9 270 2GB

AMD 970 Motherboard
24x DVD+-RW recorder
Raidmax Vortex V4 case

Windows 7 or 8.1 64bit
Full Office, Free Antivirus

Customize Hunter

Best for 1920x1080 & up
High-Ultra settings
80+FPS* in most areas.


Intel i5 Quad 4590 3.7GHz
8GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM
Nvidia GTX 760 2GB DDR5
Intel H97 Motherboard
24x DVD+-RW recorder
Corsair Carbide case
Windows 7 or 8.1 64bit
Full Office, Free Antivirus

Customize Warrior

Best for 1920x1080 & up All Ultra settings
100+FPS* in most areas.

* - indicates overclocked speed (O/C). Please select an aftermarket cooler to achieve higher results and overclock guarantee.
*2 - Indicated FPS is measured in our own benchmark tests, your results may vary depending on your resolution, settings, connection speed, background applications and other. Upcoming patches may result in lower FPS if Blizzard improves graphics through them.

Antec GX 500 160



$1399 Limited Special Offer - perfect gaming machine!

Cassandra - Custom Gaming Computer Special
Limited time offer - excellent balanced configuration with top performance. Popular Intel CPU series coupled with 16GB RAM and fast video card all packed in a beautiful gaming case with fast SSD and big 1TB HDD. Performance in WoW - 90+FPS in most areas running 1920x1080 resolution and Ultra settings.

Processor: Intel i5 Quad Core 4690K 4.2GHz O/C LGA 1155
Cooler: AC Freezer i11 92mm 3x Copper Heatpipe Tower
Video:  Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 2GB GDDR5 DX11
Memory: 16GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM Dual Channel
Motherboard: Intel Z97X SLI LGA1150 USB 3.0 , SATA-III
DVD: 24x DVD/CD DL +/-RW recorder SATA-III
Hard drive: 120GB SSD + 1TB SATA-III  7200RPM WD
Case - Antec GX500 Illusion, 3x 120mm fans, side window
OS: Windows 7 / 8.1 64bit + Free Office (download), Antivirus

Xigmatek Recon 160


 Want excellent performance with low price tag? Boot in 10-15 seconds and run any games you want with overclocked CPU, fast SSD and modern video card.

Intel G3258 Dual Core 4.0GHz Overclock
4GB DDR3 RAM + H81 Motherboard
Nvidia GeForce GT 740 1GB G5 Videocard
120GB Solid State Drive SATA-III
Cooler Master Hyper T2 CPU Cooler
Xigmatec Recon case, Windows 8.1 OS

Corsair Carbide SPEC-03 160


 Need more power than Warrior can offer? Here is Argon - overclocked K series CPU, fast and big SSD drive, fast video card and super slick Corsair case.

Intel Core i5 4690K 4.1GHz Quad Core
Arctic Cooling Freezer i11 CPU cooler
8GB DDR3 1600 RAM + Z97 Motherboard
Nvidia GTX 760 2GB GDDR5 Videocard
Corsair Carbide SPEC-03 case + 600W
240GB Crucial SSD + Windows 8.1 OS

Shipping rate Free
Blizzard releases: World of Warcraft, Diablo III, Starcraft II
Diablo 3 gaming computer

  Diablo III Reaper of Souls: March 25, 2014. First expansion for Diablo III. It features the fallen angel of wisdom Malthael as the expansion's main villain and is set in the city of Westmarch, which takes inspiration from many Gothic medieval locations. The expansion will also include a new hero called the Crusader, an increased level cap to level 70, major improvements to loot drops including the ability to change item stats using an enchanting system, the ability to change the look of an item using transmogrification, and more
  Recommended hardware includes low-midrange CPU’s and higher end video cards.

Warcraft Warlords of Draenor PC WoW

  Warlords Of Draenor: November 11, 2014. It is the era of an Old Horde, forged with steel rather than fel blood. A union of great orc clans, the Iron Horde, tramples the planet Draenor beneath terrifying war machines. Azeroth falls next. Worlds uncounted will follow. You must mount a desperate charge on Draenor - savage home of orcs and adopted bastion of stoic draenei - at this pivotal moment. Your allies are legends from across time; your fortress a foothold in an alien land. Lead the armies of one world against another... before the future itself is unmade.

Star Craft II

  SC II Heart of the Swarm: 03/12/2013. Sarah Kerrigan is on the loose. Even without the powers of the Queen of Blades or the might of the Swarm, the former Ghost remains a foe not to be taken lightly. Is she still pursuing her quest for vengeance, or has her transformation given Kerrigan a new purpose?
  Next installment in StarCraft II saga with new missions on Zerg side. Technically it has the same system requirements as “Liberty’s Crusade”. We recommend minimum Intel i3 or AMD FX series CPU with 4-8GB RAM and nice video card - at least Nvidia GT 640 or AMD 7750 for High settings and 1080p resolution.

Best world of warcraft gaming computer
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