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RMA Requests

  In the event of unlikely problems with your computer you have to contact Centaurus Computers support team via email support@centauruscomputers.com or by calling number listed on the “Contact us” page. If we will not be able to help you remotely (either via phone or emails) you will be required to obtain RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). Fill out form below and we will get back to you with PC return instructions. Please make sure that your computer is still under warranty and that you have contacted us before you request RMA. Most of the times we can resolve all problems by guiding you over the phone or email.

RMA request application

 Complete Terms and Conditions explaining all warranty details can be found here.

Important Information: Detailed merchandise return instructions:

Please use trackable shipping method and send us tracking number as soon as you can. We recommend FedEx as the safest method (from our experience). Please note that we are not responsible for return shipping charges, we only pay for one way shipping back to you after necessary repairs are done. In some situations we may be able to provide free return via FedEx if you receive computer and have problems with it right away (within 15 days of delivery). We ship computers packed right off the testing bench, so each and every computers ships in 100% working condition. If you encounter problems right after delivery that may only mean that computer might have been damaged in transit (less than 1% chance). Free return shipping via FedEx takes a bit longer than if you would ship computer yourself, as it has to go through 3rd party inspection.    

Please make sure that all parts inside computer are secured in correct place. Nothing should be loose inside of the case.
Every computer or any part of it returned to us for repair service needs to be properly packed to avoid any damages. Internal parts of all computers are highly sensitive to any careless handling and need to be properly protected. Computers should be packed using original case box with Styrofoam frames and plastic bag whenever possible. That box with case should be placed in another box with some space between them to allow extra padding material to be placed in that empty space. Every computer should have at least 1” of packaging material on each side (if space allows) and 2 layers of cardboard (2 boxes). You can use basic Styrofoam peanuts or sealed air-bags to fill empty space. Please don’t use newspapers or plastic bags or anything else like this. You can always take your computer to any UPS or FedEx office to have it properly packed by professionals. Please do not place anything inside that can potentially damage the case when in contact with it.

We only need to receive back the computer itself and binder with DVDs. Please do not ship us cables, converters, user manuals etc.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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